Thursday, June 24, 2010

Into The Wild

I read this book recently, and totally forgot to blog about it! and here I've been beating my brains trying to think of things to blog about. Well, here goes. I really liked this book. I recommend it. I already had another friend read it, and he liked it too (so there). It's about a kid who graduated college and then fell off the map. Lost contact with everyone he ever knew- on purpose- and decided to live as a tramp, or "Supertramp" as he preferred to be called. You find out in the first chapter of the book that his choices would ultimately lead to his death, but the journey he takes you on is quite intriguing. The only negative I could say about the story is that the author tries to draw these parallels between himself and Chris McCandless (the main character) but I just don't see it. The real intrigue lays in Chris' idealism, influences and how he chose to live his life. Some people think he was crazy. But I don't. I think he went for what he thought would make him happy. And it worked, for awhile- until, as the author says, he made a couple of mistakes. I don't even know that I thought he was reckless. McCandless lived in his own world, by his own rules. He definitely had flaws, but don't we all?

Read this book. I'm still meaning to see the movie... will blog about that too... soon.

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Courtney and Matt said...

I saw the movie a couple years ago - thought it was pretty good until the end (having not known the story beforehand). SAD! And a somewhat frustrating and disappointing ending the way he dies. We have the soundtrack which is all Eddie Vedder music, which is all good but now reminds me of the sad movie!!