Sunday, April 17, 2011


My friends and I headed to Boston for the weekend. Here we are at the start of the Freedom Trail!
Walking down the street I had a strange feeling there should be a statue of a Donkey... we turned the corner, and VIOLA!
Midge, Andrew, and Donkey.
Heather and me (and donkey...)
Boston Common
Heather, Andrew, Midge
Walking the Freedom Trail- a convenient red line shows the way. Midge and Jimmy...
On the US Constitution with our Sailor friend...
me, Heather, Sailor, Midge.We were feeling very ambitious one afternoon and climbed 297 steps up the Bunker Hill memorial. My legs are still feeling it, 36 hours later...Jimmy, Midge, Heather, me...
At the end of the Freedom Trail! We finally made it!
Andrew, Heather, Midge, JimmyI jumped for joy... this picture captures more of the "landing" for joy moment... Heather, Midge, me.We didn't just Boston it up... here I am with Scott in Salem. Those Witch trials were bizarre! These are colonial hats of some sort...
Heather and I decided... while in Boston, we should probably run in the Boston Marathon. Here we are at the finish line!
Don't forgot Cheers! They totally knew my name.Super fun trip with great friends- Me, Jimmy, Scott, Andrew, Heather, Midge.

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