Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Okay to GO!

Today, Google's home page features an animated tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the first human space flight. When you run your cursor over the image, you see a little rocket take off, it's pretty neat. I took a screen shot for you:

When I clicked on the image, I was lead to space flight articles about the first Russian astronaut, which made me think of some questions I had- so I started Googling. I found articles that talked about the previous space race, how many manned NASA missions actually made it to the moon (6), the future of space flight, and one article talked about Russia's intent to build a base on the moon by the year 2030 with plans to visit Mars after that.

I've never felt confined by years or time, but when I started to read that article, I suddenly wished I would be around for the next couple hundred years to see what advancements science makes and how deep into space humans are able to take themselves. I find the possibilities quite fascinating.

And then yesterday someone mentioned to me that NASA currently has only two shuttle launches planned for the future. April 29 and June 28. Anyone feel like road tripping to Florida??


Stephen and Debbie said...

DUDE! That would be awesome to go to one of those launches! What a fun trip that would be!
I wonder if they will really stop after the next two... I really don't understand why...

Courtney and Matt said...

"I'm OK to go! ... I'm OK to go!..." Points to whomever can name that movie besides Ashley and me!!