Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Why Shelby and Ashley are awesome:
we're totally see-through!


Courtney said...

When/where was this picture taken? Ash your bangs look really cute!

Ashley said...

thanks my sista! It was back in March of this year at Temple Square... I had just gotten a hair cut. :)

Elizabeth said...

women of sistafriends: i think we need a new blog. post some pictures. share a treasured memory. answer some questions like: what's something you don't like that most people like? OR what's something you like that most people DON'T like.

I'll go first: Something I don't like that most people like is - licorice. it is like death in candy form.
Something I like that most people don't like is: listening to my spine when i crack it. love that sound cause it means i feel so good!

i'm just giving you ideas should inspiration be at a low.
i hope things are good! blog about it. i'm bored.