Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Forgotten Charity

Every time I hear the band Forgotten Charity, I think of Stuck on the Edge and cry. But I LOVE them anyway, just as I love Sam and Audrey!! So Elizabeth, did Aud come back yet?? Did she and Sam reconcile and get together?? These are just a few of the questions that come to me as I listen to Forgotten Charity.

Cast members from Stuck on the Edge- Moroni, Shelby, Hank, Katie, with Forgotten Charity in the background.


Elizabeth said...

(oh! how exciting for me!! *calming down and fixing my hair* okay.)
i think they get together. but not in a year. i think a year comes and they start writing. i'll put their getting together at a year a 3 months. and they don't get together in a cheesy way. audrey's been in europe so i think she brings him out there to just have the pressure off. and who doesn't want to share a bit of europe with their estranged-friend? who, i ask you? who? and they return to the states together.

and ali and stu are just cool. i liked thinking that maybe he got a job teaching film at a college. not quite a "successful filmmaker" but much happier than being an accountant. and ali stays unclenched and still looks posh. and their kid is probably really fun and the kind you can squish a little. and it's not named something cheesy.

i lost my forgotten charity CD...bummer. when that first song used to play i'd miss the voicemails. it is WEIRD how well their songs fit in the show.

Elizabeth said...

but of course - anyone can decide how it turns out. this is just what i would do if i wrote a sequel. which i would never do.

Ashley said...

Well, I definitely wouldn't mind if you wrote a sequel... And I really can't wait for Stuck on the Edge the movie come out!! :)

Sara said...

Sorry to get really off topic on your post here, but this picture has Moroni in it which naturally brings to mind the new movie of his that just came out in which he is a NEPHITE or something and there are posters of him with LONG HAIR and very very INTIMIDATING grimaces on his face...come on, someone else has to care about this, right?
And Forgotten Charity is playing this Wednesday, come to town.

shelbybelby said...

Passage to Zarahemla! I can't wait to see that one!

forgotten said...

Hey Liz, We would love to get you another CD. Please give me your phone number and we will get you one asap. E-mail it to forgottencharity@gmail.com We miss everyone so so so terribly as well as the play