Thursday, July 3, 2008

Animals in the Next Room??

I sit in a cubicle at work along a wall of edit rooms. Edit room number 1, in the corner by the window, has caused me concern recently. The noises I hear coming from that room are very odd, sometimes embarrassing! Today I decided there must be an elephant show being edited in there... or possibly a show on mating monkeys. Seriously. My co-worker and I throw each other strange looks when we hear the noises that come out of that room... If I was editing it, I would at least turn down the volume!

Which brings me to a question... who watches these animal mating shows?

Which brings me to a story... today my co-workers and I went to lunch at Yum-Yum Thai, and what did they have playing on two huge screens in the restaurant?? You guessed it! Sea lion love. In a restaurant. Weird.

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Courtney & Matt said...

A chihuahua was getting a little too friendly with Buster at the dog park last night and I had to yank him off. hello! Buster is a boy and he's always getting humped!