Monday, July 14, 2008

Better not tell you now...

When I've got nothing to do, I like to check out my friend's blogs. Today, that meant I was on Courtnie's blog asking the Magic 8 Ball a few very important questions, all of which I would have preferred the answer to be yes.

Here was the progression of answers I received:

Better not tell you now.
My reply is no.
Don't count on it.
My sources say no.
Outlook no so good.

Then I asked, are you sure? And it replied: Without a doubt. I wanted to chuck it across the room (alas, it was digital).

What are the odds?! I looked up all the possible answers a Magic 8 Ball can reply to you. The thing only has 5 negative answers out of 20! Sheesh!

I went back to Courtnie's site and re-asked every question. This time I got (you guessed it!):
Yes Definitely.
It is certain.
You may rely on it.
As I see it yes.

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