Saturday, July 12, 2008

New York Taxi

Here is an accurate representation of my ride home tonight.
That is Brenda on the left and me on the right. The worst taxi ride I've ever had in NYC. Bad taxi drivers aren't myths, people! We had 4 close calls, as in 4 narrow escapes from DEATH, and even with my seat belt fastened, I smacked back and forth between Brenda and the door more than a couple times. Didn't puke though... congratulations to me.


Britt said...

that's awesome. i love how i knew it was brenda before i even read it ;)

shelbybelby said...

that's funny! good picture- you guys look like south park people.

mstetts said...

Wow - I love it when I realize just how much my life means to me - especially in a cab ride...except for yesterday, my head hit the window during a sharp really hurt...even with the extra padding of my hair.