Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

This year I spent the 4th of July at home in NYC. I decided I better see the amazing Manhattan fireworks before I leave NY (not that I'm leaving, just planning ahead so I can be out of town on future 3 day weekend holiday's such as the 4th). ANYWAY... It was raining today. All day. I don't think the clouds got the memo that it was the 4th, and that a certain Ashley needed to see some New York fireworks.

Here is a pic of Ashley, Me (also Ashley), and Heidi- Red, White and Blue! (we didn't even do it on purpose!)
My friends planned a picnic today, but since it was RAINING we spent a brief amount of time picnicking in my living room. :)

It turned out that, rain or shine, the fireworks would be blazing for all to see!! Here we are at South Street Seaport waiting for the show to begin.
Melanie and I (above) had been planning to watch the fireworks since earlier this week, and we were accompanied by some good friends!

From left: Me, Melanie, Meghan, Kim, Brittney
The show was magnifico! So much so, I couldn't spare a moment to take a picture... :P
My favorite thing about fireworks? The boom they make that goes through your insides. That's the best. Happy 4th everyone!

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Elizabeth said...

Dear Ashley,
I once went to the South Street Seaport Firework Show and I had a totally bad attitude about it. Way to keep it positive! Oh - but on the subway ride home I sat across from Tina Fey and I was thrilled.

Looks like you've got the right spirit to celebrate the fourth - the right spirit to be an American!