Monday, July 28, 2008

Mold on the cookie?! WHY!?!?

So my co-worker gave me a cookie and I was halfway through it before I realized it had a strange tangy taste, and I was like, this cookie tastes odd, and then I looked at it really close and it was covered in fuzz! with little black specks so small I could hardly see them inside the cookie! I almost ate an ENTIRE moldy cookie! Needless to say, I feel ill. I still feel the fuzzies on my mouth and throat, and I researched on the internet that some molds you ingest on bread (OR cookies) can make you sick! Bleh!


Courtney & Matt said...

That is so gross! my friend ate an oreo in a dark kitchen and noticed a funny taste and turned the lights on and it had ants all over it!! So nasty!!

Elizabeth said...

I think you should serve that co-worker a knuckle sandwich.