Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Don't Stop The Music

Why didn't I know about Rihanna? I LOVE HER. I took that itunes gift card I won, and got on itunes last night and went a little crazy... in a good way! I don't know a lot about music, so I just started clicking on the "Top Songs" section (in addition to giving Jon a call) and found, to my excitement, that there IS a lot of great music out there these days!!! I don't have many chances to listen to the radio, and when I'm home (as I was over the last two weeks) I couldn't find any station that didn't play 90's music, blah. MY WHOLE LIFE HAS CHANGED. Here is a list of the music I added to my collection. Any suggestions on other music I might also enjoy??


Britt said...

Rhianna rocks my socks. I'll tell you some of my new (and older) faves at the moment:

Check Yes Juliet-We The Kings
We Intertwined-The Hush Sound
Like Vines-The Hush Sound
Come on Get Higher-Matt Nathanson
Human-The Killers
Gives You Hell-All American Rejects
Listen To Your Heart-DHT
Where I Stood-Missy Higgins

I have them all on Project Playlist; not sure about iTunes :)

Ashley said...

Thanks Britt! I'll totally check these out tonight...

side-note... I listened to every song this morning, from beginning to end, and luckily I only made ONE bad purchase. Hot N Cold (Jon even warned me!)... my fave purchase? If I Were A Boy! Loves it. :)