Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Jonas Brothers love Benton Paul!

So on this video cast that the Jonas Brothers did recently where fans could email questions, one fan asked Joe (the middle bro) what his favorite song is currently, and he replied, "My favorite song right now is a song that I think you should all download, by Benton Paul, the song is 'I only see you'. That's a great song, it's really good, you should go check it out." How exciting for Benton!! (FYI, Benton studied in the same program as my brother Jon in college, they are still good friends).

Check out Benton's music on MySpace! My favorite song on there right now is "Jen's Song". I've loved that song since first hearing Benton play it years ago at the Border's in Provo... good times!

Here is that Jonas Brothers clip (pay special attention to the 2 minute mark):

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Natalie said...

Benton is my cousin and I sure appreciate this shout-out for him! I'll be seeing him soon at the next family reunion, so thanks for helping to spread the word about such a talented member of the family!