Friday, January 23, 2009

I object!

I was chatting with my cubie/co-worker Mark over lunch about whether or not a Hybrid car is better(as in cheaper) than a standard car over a long period of time. This convo splintered off into me telling Mark about the car I used to drive that I loved... which prompted me to pull up a picture online of the model of car to show him. I typed in Jeep Wrangler, and clicked on the first picture that looked like my car. And get this... the website that popped up was titled:

Stuff Dumb Chicks Like

Funny, yes. But accurate? After Mark and I got our giggles out, I decided I should probably check out what else might qualify me as a "dumb chick" according to this random blogger boy. Let's start at the top:

#6 Burt's Bees
you know, the chapstick! I don't use this brand specifically, but I think chapstick is a necessity. You'd think random blogger boy would prefer a girl who moisturizes!

#5 Jeep Wranglers
Strike one. I always thought driving one of these was a sign of a free spirit! Especially with Buddha chilling on the dash... right Shelbs?

#4 Donnie Darko
Uh oh... that's strike two for me. Why is liking a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and a giant bunny rabbit from the future a bad thing? Boys like time travel too, ya know... well, nerdy sci-fi boys anyway...

#3 "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey
Since when is enjoying a Journey song, or two, a crime? I find myself asking myself... anyone who loves this music is obviously not dumb, but very intelligent.

#2 Babysitting
Who likes babysitting? I'm 25, I like men!
(I know ONE of you blog readers likes babysitting... you know who you are... that's another strike for you!)

And last but not least....
#1 Diet Coke
Nothing wrong with enjoying a little soda without the calories! I think girls who drink Diet are probably smarter than those who drink regular... and probs thinner too!

This guys blog is SO funny... he spins philosophical on all this shiz! My conclusion: blogger boy got burned by some cool chick that was into all these items.


Brenda said...

Only have a problem with ONE of those, so it looks like I'm a little better off than you :)

Courtney and Matt said...

i think I am NONE of those! Except I do like c.o. bigelow lip balm and diet Pepsi (not coke). although here in micronesia it's like I'll take any 'cola' i can get, which is usually GO2 Cola or Royal Islands Cola. I get really excited if I find a diet product! One of the stores actually has diet coke with splenda right now and diet coke zero (you just have to be sure to read the date on the bottom of the can to avoid a liquid metal taste)

thinkHP said...

yikes... i'm pretty dumb!!! I LOVE DIET COKE AND BURTS BEES!!!! NECCESSITIESssssssssssssssss