Friday, January 23, 2009

Very interesting...

Tom Hanks Apologizes for Calling Mormon Support of Prop 8 'Un-American'

I didn't even know this happened in the first place, but I saw this article and thought I would post it. Click on the above link to see the full article on

Below is Tom Hanks apology, and I think it was very nice.

Last week, I labeled members of the Mormon church who supported California's Proposition 8 as "un-American." I believe Proposition 8 is counter to the promise of our Constitution; it is codified discrimination. But everyone has a right to vote their conscience – nothing could be more American. To say members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who contributed to Proposition 8 are "un-American" creates more division when the time calls for respectful disagreement. No one should use "un- American" lightly or in haste. I did. I should not have.
Tom Hanks.

I very much agree with his viewpoint that calling anyone "un-American" for their opinion "creates more division when the time calls for respectful disagreement."


Stephen and Debbie said...

Agreed! The most he can do is apoligize and we should accept it and move on.

shelbybelby said...

Thank goodness he issued this apology. I am a Mormon who voted NO on Prop 8 and his words totally bothered me, nontheless. People keep focusing on the Mormon vote- which was a small percentage of the yes vote, when more than 50% of CA voted yes. People are always looking for someone to BLAME.