Sunday, July 5, 2009

DC for the 4th of July!

Rock Band with Britt and Joe, Jocelyn and the fam.
laying out by the pool for a much needed sun tan
2 BBQ's with too much free food!
Fireworks from the Kennedy CenterAssisting B and J with Sunbeams (I just sat there... :)
Going to the singles ward with Dave!!
Watching planes take off and land! as witnessed by this photo...
Some other small things that added to the weekend...
Cats new litter box shaped like death star from Star Wars
and Halo of course.
All in all it was a low key totally chill weekend!! I had a great time! Thanks for being such fabulous hosts, Cramers!! :)It took me 15 tries to get this one good shot of a person and a plane!! And this one was on accident!!

1 comment:

Britt said...

haha I look so pensive in my accidental plane shot. missing you already :)