Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Sightings: two in the past 2 days!!! Texts between me and Shelby:

Sighting 1
Me: One more time! Philip Seymour Hoffman taking a cig break outside my building as I walked in from lunch!
Her: You should say hi!

Sighting 2
Me: Scene- sitting on the common room couch eating lunch, my co-worker telling me a story, stage left- in walks Philip Seymour Hoffman! He's working on my floor!
Her: Marry him!


Anonymous said...

Ok well cool very jealous all we ever see in Utah is the Osmonds :(

Courtney and Matt said...

you have to say HI next time!! tell him you admire his work in something I'm SURE he'll appreciate it!

Logan and Kara Laszczyk said...

Oh Ashley, you make me laugh ~Kara