Friday, July 10, 2009

Partay like it's my birfday...

So it turns out I look exactly the same at age 26 as I did at 25. Go figure.
My birthday was fab! Kyle and Em surprised me by making me breakfast in bed and waking me with a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday while holding a plate of delicious Swedish pancakes covered in candles!! It was very confusing in my sleepy state, but once I was awake it was amazing! These two are the greatest!!!
My awesome co-workers treated me to my favorite Thai place in NYC for lunch! Left to Right it's Alejandro, me, Isaac and Mark.My girl friends and I went out to Soup Man for dinner but I forgot to take a photo... it looked something like this... L to R: me, AshPro, Maria, Carly, Lyndee and Soup Nazi (don't worry, he didn't actually turn us away... :)
It was a fantastic day! Thanks to everyone for making it the best birthday! :)

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Courtney and Matt said...

sounds like a great B-Day!!!!