Friday, July 10, 2009

Whistle gum!

My fab co-worker Ely got me the cutest little package of Japanese Gum for my b-day! I managed to wait all the way until Friday afternoon hunger struck... which is when I broke out the gum and did a little taste test to see what was the best!
First place flavor definitely goes to "Strawberries and Cream Panda" gum... (I should have known, Panda's are always the coolest)... and last place most definitely goes to "Grape Bunny" gum- the juices and fumes burned my nostrils, bleh!

I had a fantastic surprise when I got to the Banana gum! (saved it until last cause it was banana, semi ew thoughts in my head at banana flavored anything...) But the surprise was, this gum is also a whistle!!! I was looking at the packaging and couldn't figure out why the little cat had the gum on his lips, thought he was blowing a bubble, but then I noticed little music notes on the packaging, so I put the peice of gum up to my lips and it was a whistle!!! SOOO cool!

Also, ode to Koala bobble-head (special thanks to Brenda for re-gifting me this little beauty...) it's cute, and only makes me slightly motion sick when I notice it bobble-ing in my peripheral vision... :)

As you can see this picture is pretty dark, so I think it's all time I let you in on a 'non-secret' secret... I work in a cave! No natural sunlight and hardly any lights. Luckily my co-worker brightens the place up with such activities as "Krump-Off" Tuesdays, "Hug-O-War" Wednesdays, and my personal favorite "Speak in Love Ballad's" Mondays. :)

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