Sunday, May 16, 2010

1... 2... 3...

Last night we saw "Robin Hood" and Jimmy did not disappoint when he brought his friend who looked like Russell Crowe! Here I am with my new friend Jason, Jason Crowe.
See the similarity??! Even more so when he speaks!
And can I just reiterate... H-O-T.
Robin Hood review: I really liked the love story between Robin and Lady Marian. I'm thinking I'll need to watch the movie again to really appreciate the entire thing. It was good, I just don't think I was in the zone! (we saw it pretty late at night...)
Erin wanted strawberry cupcakes for dessert tonight, so I made them. And they turned out lovely! Tasted like chocolate dipped strawberries... mmm...We made quite a few, and decided we'd better take the bulk to our friends (to avoid eating them all ourselves...). On our way to drop them off, it became apparent we may have already eaten too many! I said to Erin, "I feel ill like I might be nauseous and break out in a cold sweat" to which she replied, "the cupcake sweats!" (a play on Joey from Friends when he gets the meat sweats) I burst out laughing... first you eat too many cupcakes, and you get the cupcake sweats... then you have to put on sweats.
Here I am (without the cupcake sweats, in my sweats) with our cupcakes.
The end!


Stephen and Debbie said...

That Friends episode is hilarious! Those cupcakes look yummy. Haven't seen Robin Hood yet. That's all.

Andrew said...

Let me vouch for the tastiness of those cupcakes...they keep calling to me...