Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost in my brain

Did you see the finale? Did you like it? I may have gotten teary eyed three times during the finale AND once after on the car ride home. Sentimental? perhaps. A couple of great love stories? Why yes, I think so. If you watched it and have a strong opinion, tell me about it in the comments!


Ashley said...

I personally liked that the island was kept a mystery. About thirty minutes from the end I thought, I wonder if they're all dead?

I like to imagine what life was like for Hugo and Ben (and Desmond) as well as those who got off in the plane, after the final moments of Jack's life- an online review referred to it as a hero's death (which I think is fitting). LOVED that Juliet made an appearance in the finale, BAWLED when she and Sawyer recognized each other and embraced. Loved when Claire and Charlie were reunited. And Faraday and Charlotte! Even Jack and Kate finally had a moment which was nice.

My last moment of choice was Ben sitting on the bench outside the church. When Locke walked up, the forgiveness there. And how Ben hung back and let the others go on without him, as he was left with his thoughts.

Stephen and Debbie said...

Lots of unanswered questions. Debbie cried when Claire had her baby again... I don't understand a lot of what happened. I was not the biggest fan of the show so I am not the best critic.
Not the worst ending but lots of things that kept us thinking late into the night.
The reviews today have been so mixed. Kinda funny.

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear what happened without watching it. Please call me.