Friday, May 14, 2010

Draft - "She" team

I'm having a hard time pulling this draft list together... basically I just keep thinking of other men I wish were on my man draft! But, here goes... my "She" team only has 4 gals for now... TBD for the rest of them!

Amanda Peet- love her!

Evangeline Lilly- great hair/name!

Cate Blanchett- timeless!
Liv Tyler- magical!

MAN DRAFT- Waiting in the wings to join my team are the following...

I'd like a little bit of this, please...
or A LOT! .. Jim Caviezel

Add a dash of Lee Pace...

And a smidgen of Alan Tudyk. Much better. :)


Courtney and Matt said...

I don't really get this draft thing. what is it? your favorites?

Ashley said...

Yes, that's correct... it's a team of your top ten male or female celebrities, but you can't have someone elses players on your team. That's where the draft comes in, you can trade players, get rid of some when you think of better ones, etc... it's an ongoing list. Extremely dorky, but way fun!