Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Bird is NOT the Word.

There is a bird that recently moved in about 100 feet from my bedroom window that incessantly chirps ALL NIGHT LONG. I thought most birds (excluding owls) were supposed to SLEEP at night. Have you seen Failure To Launch? Oh yeah, I'm starting to feel like THIS girl.
Turns out (after a little research) what I have on my hands is a Northern Mockingbird. And, it's mating season (oh joy). My little neighbor is trying to establish a territory and find a mate. Now I feel a teeny bit bad for chucking rocks at him... once he finds love the singing is supposed to stop.

I actually found a clip of what one sounds like. Does this not sound like an imitation of a car alarm? Yeah. Right outside my window... all night long...


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious- I've heard that car alarm before!

Stephen and Debbie said...

Holy cow! I would keep throwing rocks at that thing... Don't feel bad! It really is a car alarm!