Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Bird IS the Word!

Walking to the mailbox this evening I noticed a bright red bird who sang a tune that went woit woit woit... chew chew chew! I'd heard this guy before from my hammock where we have whistled back and forth. Today was the first day I've ever seen him!I ran upstairs to my room where I keep my Field Guide to Birds and verified him as a Northern Cardinal. Such a bright pretty fellow! Much prettier than say, a Northern Mockingbird...

Field Guide to Birds? Here's the kicker- in the brilliance of my brain and not wanting to take another massive science lecture course at BYU, I found out that I could take a bird watching course instead. So...

A fact I forgot recently- see Physics comments.
(I went to this class AND got a good grade, Mom! SHELBY...)

And I'm no stranger to field guides. Jon got me an awesome astronomy field guide for Christmas last year. It's the size of a small child... but a field guide nonetheless. Lovin' my field guides... Ash

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Shelby said...

Just drop those field guides in your pocket and go out to the field! You need a stroller to push the astronomy field guide around with you.