Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hairspray... on Broadway!

Tonight my friend Meghan and I slummed it by going to see the Broadway show Hairspray. We did not know we were slumming it until approximately 3/4 through the first Act. Let's just say we're glad the tickets were FREE.

Biggest highlight: Link Larkin was played by Ashley Parker Angel... MTV reality star, and ex-member of boy band O-Town.
Best part about Ashley Parker Angel? He is literally the blond version of Ryan Simmons! Gotta love that.

Guess who else was in it? Norm from Cheers! AKA George Wendt. He played the mom.


John said...

Who knew O-Town + Cheers = Hairspray?!

Courtney and Matt said...

i love hairspray! who is ryan simmons?

Ashley said...

Ryan Simmons is one of Shelby's acting friend's, he has Ace Ventura hair.