Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Survival mode.

Work has been extremely hectic as of late. But I always seem to be laughing about something! Here are some of the recent work funnies:

Ash: I feel nauseous.
Mark: did you eat something bad?
Ash: just my regular cheerios for breakfast.
Mark: ... maybe you're pregnant!

Upon finding I had a free hairstyling gift in my Duane Reade bag...
Ash: I can't use this stuff, it's got alcohol in it!
Mark: I don't think your church cares if you put it on your hair.

I've been annotating scripts for the past two weeks... today it all came down to verifying the following fact:

Did it take Mei Mei nearly an hour to pee?

Last night (when I was working from home! BLAH) I showed Brenda the below funny comic... her response was the best...
Brenda: I'm the rat.



Britt said...

Pearls Before Swine makes me laugh every day! I love it!

Brenda said...

I don't know if we had to tell the world just how selfish I am :)

I'm still laughing at that comic!

Rachel said...

that comic was pretty funny