Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our little Stella is getting BIG!

Here is the poop- Stella (AKA Smooshy, Stelly-bells) is crazy. She takes up all our time that there is little time to do anything else. We go to training every Saturday and she has got sit down PERFECT, along with five, and we are working to perfect Down (as in Lay down) and Stay- which she does not like. I say stay and she wines and barks like a little kid that doesn't want to do something. Potty training is pretty good (except she peed inside 3 times yesterday!), although sometimes there are snafoos. She's fun, and like having a baby, and we HOPE she wil be trained REALLY WELL by Thanksgiving and Christmas when we take her to the parent's houses! Enjoy some new pics- I'll try to add some more soon- hopefully even a video.
Isn't she so smooshy? That's why Dave started calling her that!Her legs are always in weird positions! And tonight I think she tried to hump my arm! Scary!
My baby will sleep anywhere.
Stella LOVES to take naps.
Isn't she SO cute? yes I know.
This is the sad face we get right before Stella is left alone. Oh ya- see that pink zebra bed? Stella kept peeing on it so in the trash it went...
The End- BED TIME!!!


Ashley said...

She's a cutie! I can't wait to meet her over Thanksgiving! :)

Courtney and Matt said...

the humping is not good - it's the way a dog shows dominance - she's trying to be alpha dog to you!!