Friday, September 19, 2008


Stella knows some more tricks! Yay! She knows Leave it- really well!, stay, and we are now working on Roll Over!
Stop flashing that thingin my face

So sweet.

Puppy jail.

Pink toys! hooray!


Daddy loves his baby. And yes, we now refer to eachother as Mommy and Daddy (sick but true- I admit).

she loves to jump!

high five!


This picture reminds me of Snoopy- look at puppy's muscles!


Ashley said...

I love the high five!! YAY Stella! Since you're mom and dad, I guess that makes me Auntie Ashley! :)

Lindsay Brummer said...

shelby, how cute! what a sweet little baby; jeff an i can't decide who she looks more like ;) j/k. she def looks more like dave.

Tim, Annie, Jack said...

she looks so sad and cute at the same time in the "puppy jail" pic...