Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another week in the life of Stella Greer.....

Stella made a break-through this week at puppy class! She played with other puppies! It was so cute and funny- at first she was mortified. She would snap at other puppies and avoid them at all cost. But we took time letting her get used to watching the other puppies play, and she would waggle her tail and get excited like she wanted to join the fun. She would run around the other dogs and play with the people, but not the puppies! FINALLY she ventured in and although completely awkward at first (she would lay on the ground and squint like she was waiting for something bad to happen) she started jumping around and playing and was having so much fun! Mom and Dad were very tickled and VERY PROUD.

My baby is covered in freckles! Even on the bottom of her feet!

She is such a sweetie pie!

Stella reminds us constantly of Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch"

This is the look we get when she wants up on the couch- who could resist that face?

We're working on training her to do this on command- we've named t "Up Dog".

She lays like this a lot! It looks so funny!

Stella loves to sleep in our bed with us- If I'm sleeping too she ALWAYS lays so I am spooning her.

Stella is about to say something here.....

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Ashley said...

That cracks me up! I like the "up dog" position, perfect. She's starting to look all grown up!!