Monday, October 13, 2008

D.C. for the weekend!

This weekend I went to visit my friend Brittney in Washington, DC! Here is me, my freshman year of college roommate Jocelyn, and Brittney. We lived across the hall from each other, and now both Britt and Jocelyn live in DC, their husbands are going to GW law school.Of course when you're in DC, you have to go see the sights! Here is the Lincoln Memorial...Here is a shot of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial... that's the reflecting pool that Jenny runs across to get to Forrest! (Forrest Gump)We walked around the Lincoln Memorial and got this cool shot of our shadows...Here is the Vietnam memorial. It's so pretty, created by the sculptor Maya Lin.Here's when Britt and I took turns holding congress... it was heavy!Here we are in front of the Capitol.The End!

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Britt said...

awww i want to do that all the time!!