Monday, October 13, 2008

Renaissance Festival 2008!

While in DC this weekend visiting Britt and Joe, we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival! It was totally fun! There was a general consensus the Festival was a lot like Disneyland... Here we are below- Matt, Joe, Britt, me... and here's what we did!Watched a sword swallower/comedian... crazy stuff! Ate every fried food you can think of including a deep fried snickers...Watched an archery demonstration by William Wallace. Did you know that archers back in medieval times had to practice archery 2 hours a day, and that drawing the bow took 150 pounds of pressure??! Those guys were STRONG!Here we are in front of part of Revel Grove.Don't worry about it... we got front row seats to the Joust!Ever seen A Knight's Tale? This was one of those guys who got the audience cheering for the Knights! His sign said "Hazzah!" and when he raised it we all yelled "Hazzah!"Here's our Knight, Sir William. In this event, he and the other Knight whacked each other in the heads as hard as they could with their wooden stick/sword thing (since real swords are much too dangerous) though watching this looked pretty dangerous too! Their ears must have been ringing!Here is an actual Joust! It was real stuff! They broke off lances into each other and everything! Apparently, it's not super dangerous, people seldom get seriously injured (aside from their ego). These Knights were the real deal!
We rocked out to some celtic drum/bagpipe music. THAT was cool.We thought we should probably get some pics with some people in cool outfits. Here is Joe and Matt with a wizard... the best part about this photo? We had to wait for the wizard to get off his cell phone to take this... and he's holding a glass of beer.Here's Britt and I with a retired Knight!Cheesecake on a stick?? They had just about anything and everything on a stick at the Festival!We also watched a guy blow glass into a beautiful vase! That was cool.Here is Britt and me. The Festival was a blast!


Britt said...

What a good re-cap! It's like I got to re-live it :)

Ashley said...

my sister used to go to the renaissance festival every year with her best friend's family. i never got ot go and was way jealous. now instead of being jealous of my sister for going, i am jealous of my roommate for going :)