Friday, October 24, 2008

Jazz - Another night of culture

Meghan had an extra free ticket to see Jane Monheit tonight at the famous Jazz club Birdland, so I got to go along! SO FUN! (side note, I literally walk past Birdland twice a day on my way to and from work, but I've never been inside until tonight!)Best part, the tickets were some sort of Comp tickets from the law firm that represents Monheit, (Meghan has ALL the connections...) so we were treated like VIP's. Which is funny, cause we totally acted like TOURISTS. We asked a guy who worked there to take our picture in front of the stage, and after he said, "and where are you visiting us from?" Long pause.... "oh, uh, we actually live here, in NYC." Totally embarrassing... yeah, we were the only people who took a picture in front of the stage. Now that I mention it, we were the youngest people in that place by like 20 years!
Here is a pic of Jane! I totally called Shelby on my cell phone and held if up for her to listen. We were sitting only 30 feet away from her! She has a beautiful voice!

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shelbybelby said...

***SIDE NOTE: Ashley FAILED to mention that Jane Monheit is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE singer and has been since I discovered her CD at Borders when I was in High School AND I saw her in UTAH when I was at BYU AND I have ALL her CDs AND I was friends with Meghan FIRST not to MENTION that it REALLY should have been ME with Meghan at the show.....but I digress (for your sakes and my own.....)