Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you Green Guide

So the Green Guide is in the process of moving out of our current office to another NG office in the city. Green Guide is a magazine that is all about being green, low carbon output, all natural cleaning products, etc. In their exit, they had a massive give away with all the products they've gathered over the last year or so. Yay for us, who get lots of free gifts! I rummaged through the stuff, and came up with the following:
Not sure how this hat is green... says it was made in China... yeah, I hear they're pretty green. Perhaps it's made out of recycled paper towels, or something?
Love it. At least the CD cover is green! I may have found the only two items in the entire pile that aren't actually green!

Other notable finds?
~Shampoo made out of dirt (all natural)
~T-shirt that says in HUGE letters "POWER TO THE PLANET"

I've been listening to the Jazz CD all night... it's really great! Here's a little ditty from the CD called "Take the A Train", dedicated to JT who will be taking the A Train tomorrow to visit me!


shelbybelby said...

:( I wish the people on the A-train were like that. Instead, look forward to bums/crack heads sleeping (sometimes on your shoulder) and exhausted looking silent people going to and from work.

PS: Do I get a green T-Shirt?

John said...

It's more like "Take the A Train to the blue train from the East Side to the West side to the Heights to the N*Y*G train. THEN you walk down a flight and then up a flight to get to the other side and then it's the Z train to the Blue and Gold." Oh these New Yorkers! I don't know how they do it!