Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My weekend in Sacramento!

Well, I went to Granite Bay this weekend and had a great time- I took Stella home to meet the family and she had a great time too! She was SO good and by the end of the week EVERYONE fell in love with her. Enjoy these pics!
All the driving there and back and all around town wore Stella out! Poopy was pooped!Stella slept in the car this weekend EVERY chance she could get!She was a tired puppy!
Stella LOVED her Grandma and Grandpa! And she was on her best behavior.Me, Mom and Carol had lunch and dinner together on Friday!
The Falls and the parents at Macaroni Grill.What is a trip home without going to the Home Goods Store! (we got Ash the PERFECT Christmas present)
Baby in her crate in my bedroom...
Stella ended up sleeping with me- I couldn't help it! she was so cute and sad! She missed her Daddy! She was a good girl on the trip.The fam at Denny's on Saturday morning.This is the cutest pic of Braden!
Sandi and her mini-me!For some reason Mom's shoes desintigrated on her feet! We had to go payless and get her some new shoes. It was a shoe emergency!
Stella's first pumpkin patch- se kept licking at smooshed pumpkins.
RJ on a giant pumpkin!Sienna copies her brother.Braden hanging out.Posing Connor for the Pinney Family Blog.Stella was so gentle with kids- here she is playing tug with RJ. She LOVES RJ, and always wanted to lick baby Connor.
Stella LOVES to give Jon ear kisses.Stella is scared because of the Piano! My little scaredy girl...
Stella says bye to Grandma!Back in San Diego- Stella was finally able to get back to her routine- Nap eat play nap!


Ashley said...

I'm so jealous! Wish I could have been there too!!! But glad you had a great weekend. :) My little niece and nephews are SO CUTE!

Am I the only one nervous about this Home Goods Christmas gift??

Britt said...

cute puppy! and i love love LOVE your hair!