Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Opera

My friend Meghan invited me to the Metropolitan Opera! So I went. And it was fun! Well, I didn't really like the music... but the sets were AMAZING! And the story was CHILLING! It was a ghost story, a girl went crazy, people were murdered! It was intense. The downside? TWO intermissions, both of which were long, lonng, loooonnnnnng. Here is me and Meghan before the Opera, "Lucia di Lammermoor!"
The story takes place in Scotland and they sing it in Italian (?) I don't quite understand that... but it's not important... Here's a pic from a fantastic creepy ghost scene where Lucia, while waiting for her lover to meet secretly at the fountain, sings this aria about how a man murdered his lover here at this fountain and how the last time she was at the fountain she actually saw the spectre (aka ghost)! While she's singing, the ghost of the woman swirls around her, only Lucia could not see the ghost, only feel her, it was so creepy, and then as the song was ending, the ghostly figure crawled into the fountain and swirled around then out of sight. !!!

In the next act, Lucia's brother had convinced her to marry a man she did not love, telling her that her lover didn't really love her, and so at the very moment when she signed the wedding certificate her lover burst in to rescue her!! Only, it was too late, she had just gotten married. So at this point, Lucia is a mess! Her bro was greedy and basically ruined her life. She's really sad at this point, and her lover basically curses her and storms out, since she betrayed his love.

After all that went down, the wedding party continued downstairs as the married couple retired to their bed chamber, only moments later did the priest run into the party and said he heard a man dying, and burst into the bed chamber and found Lucia's husband DEAD! Lucia murdered him! She totally went nutso! Here she is (below) when she came out to the party after murdering her husband. She totally went insane, laughing, crying, euphoric... that was also creepy!! And well done...

As you can guess, they all died in the end. Here is Lucia united with her one true love again (as you can see, she's already dead in this pic). She died right after her crazy spell, and this guy killed himself so he could be with her again. So sad. Unfortunately, the music, as I mentioned before, was strangely upbeat the whole time! If I didn't have subtitles in front of me, I think I would have thought something much different was going on (aside from the bloody death scenes, those were pretty straight forward).
So yeah! I will definitely give Opera another try. THE END.


John said...

That sounds like Shakespeare on crack! Quite interesting.

shelbybelby said...

I am jealous.

One: You are so cultured

Two: Meghan was my friend first.

Three: I'm pretty sure she would've taken me if I was you and you were me. But wait!

I love Shakespeare. And Crack.

shelbybelby said...

Did you wear CASUAL clothes to the opera??!! How dare you miss a chance to dress up.

mstetts said...

Hahaha - I think you ingested wwwayyyy more of this plot than moi...or mi...or eh urk is that italian?? or is mi just from the sound of music? ... and this is my profession?!

All you can count on is this - youth, love, insanity, and death...oh and taxes...many operas also end impoverished - ex: La Boheme.

HOWEVER - this opera is ten time more happy than Dutchess, which I saw last night and immediately wanted to drown myself!!!!!!!

As they say in opera- BRAVO for your blog!!

mstetts said...

PS-and I would have taken both of you to the opera, but just trying to multi-task...two birds with one stone (-; LOVE you both!!!