Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol 3.31.09

Tonight's line-up....from BEST to worse...

Kris- He killed it- best performance of the night.
Allison- she rocks. I want her CD. Today.
Danny- back in the running! totally emotional- I loved it.
Adam- good performance- I don't want him to win, though.....
Matt- kind of awkward? He is so good- just missed the mark.
Scott- genuine tonight- I thought I'd hate it- but I did not.
Megan- she's getting worse! opposite of Danny- so flat- where are her emotions? What kills me is she could be SO good.
Anoop- bleh. Is he still here?
Lil- ugg. not good. Also geting worse.

A far as I'm concerned, Scott Megan Anoop and Lil can go ANYTIME.


Courtney and Matt said...

I totally agree about Anoop, Lil and Scott. They can go anytime. I'm iffy about Megan - it's like I know she's got something in there somewhere we just haven't seen it yet. But I love Adam!! I love it when he screams he's fun to watch!

John said...

DITTO to what you posted S!