Friday, March 27, 2009

American Idol....

This blog was in response to one of my sister's friend's AI blog- I thought I needed to share my thoughts with EVERYONE! Let me know if you agree, etc...

#1 ALLISON. Her voice is SICK. She is the best girl by far. Lil Rounds is becoming a huge dissappointment. She apparently can't sing anything except Mary J. covers. Well, we already have a Mary J. Blige, so Lil needs to GO. Megan was AWFUL this week. She has no rythm- the twisties are awkward. America made a HUGE mistake when they got rid of Alexis! She was girl #2 for me.

#2 Matt. He is the best guy. Loves him. I am DONE with Danny- he totally dissed Smokey! Did you see that? And Scott...ugggg....He is just not up to par, and his song choices are SO lame-o. Maybe if he spiced things up.

#3 ADAM. C'Mon- he is GOOD. He is #1 on many people's lists I know. He is an awesome performer. When he gets too 'screamy' I want to die (annoying) but he is still really good.

#4 Kris. He has the look and style. Anoop is SO BORING to look at- his hair is AWFUL! And his clothes? His singing style is NOT RELEVANT- whether it sounds good or not. Bleh. I hope he's next to go. And thank you that big country boy is gone. NOT cute.

Allison rocks- She's been singing for 400 years!!!

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Stephen and Debbie said...

Ok, so I think AI is kinda weird this year... I agree with your selections! :)