Tuesday, March 31, 2009

San Francisco!

Mom and Dad and I went to SF for the day, and we had a blast! Here are some highlights form the trip...
Golden Gate BridgeAlcatraz
We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge
Here is SF from the North Bay
Mom and Dad!
Me and the bridge
Mom and Dad sight seeing
We went to this delicious restaurant called Scoma's
That's about when I decided that I do not like fish at all, and probably don't ever need to try the following ever again: lobster, shrimp, crab. Luckily they had other foods that weren't from the sea for girls like me. :)
We also went to the singles ward and it was fun! Very similar to my ward in New York. And I met some VERY nice people. One of which who works for Industrial Light and Magic, the George Lucas special effects/animation company. Here is the ILM building, located in the Presidio of San Francisco (on the north part of SF near the GG Bridge).The ILM even has this cool fountain with Yoda! Love it! The End!

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Courtney and Matt said...

Oh I miss CA! and Scoma's is always the place we go to with the McOmber's - it's their FAVORITE!