Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Brenda!

For Brenda's birthday, Heidi, Lyndee and I took her out to lunch to a place called 40 Carrots! It's located on the 7th floor of Bloomingdale's. Here is Lyndee and Heidi enjoying their water through cool orange straws!
Here's me and Brenda!
I was a little skeptical of the restaurant's name at first... 40 Carrots?? I don't even like 1 carrot, but I assured myself in my head that just because a place is named after a carrot does NOT mean they only serve carrots. This is what I got for lunch, a delicious chicken salad sandwich!It was SO good!! Minus the carrot salad... don't worry, the carrots only lasted on my plate for approximately 13 seconds before I scooped them up and gave 'em to Brenda... she's a good sport, even on her birthday! :)

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Courtney and Matt said...

I love your gray shirt! Gray is my new favorite color - brings out the gray eyes and the ashy hair - I've decided to just give in to it!
Also I love your new blog background! I need to hire you to help with ours.