Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today, someone sent my co-worker a fruit bouquet. She was kind enough to share, and it got me thinking... what a fabulous idea! It's like the joy of receiving flowers, AND you get to EAT IT!
This got me thinking about other kinds of bouquets that I like, or would like to receive. Actually, my friends and I were talking about flowers last night, and what the appropriate kinds of flowers would be to give a girl. The boys liked roses and tulips, classic and symmetrical... Heidi liked the idea of Gerber daises or lilies... but for some reason I associate lilies with funerals, and this line from "The Hours":

Florist: "So what would you like? The Lilies are perfect!"
Clarissa: "No, too morbid......Oh , oh! Lets just have buckets of roses!"Roses are romantic (some would say TOO romantic, you know who you are) but I say they're nice. My favorite kinds of flowers are yellow ones. I don't particularly care for the color yellow, I would never say it was my favorite, but I love yellow flowers. Especially yellow roses.


shelbybelby said...

funny girl. barbara streisand loved yellow roses in funny girl (or was it funny face?). The one with omar sharif.

Rae said...

Last year my mom sent me a bouquet of sugar cookies for Valentine's. They were delish!!