Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sacramento for the Weekend!

I went home for the weekend and it was SO fun. Seriously, the best weekend! Here we are at lunch one day (I required everyone to take a picture with me)
The weather this weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!! One day I just sat outside and then walked around for awhile. Here is Chloe enjoying the weather too... not to mention my foot (I wore sandals the whole time!!)
Here I am in the backyard... I wish Spring would hurry up and get to New York!
The End!


Courtney and Matt said...

how fun! looks like you had a great time. i love all your pics with the fam! although chloe looks kinda mean!

Ashley said...

She was purring! Those are her "sultry/it's sunny" eyes! :) Home was WAY fun. It misses you! (me too!)