Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"9" gets a 2

I finally saw the new animation "9" tonight, and I was left wanting... well, anything but "9"! I did not like the story. There wasn't anything great or cutting edge about the animation ("8" looked like the Oogie Boogie man from Nightmare Before Christmas). And *Spoiler Alert* I did not like watching the souls sucked out of cute little sock puppets, talk about the heebie jeebies! Do NOT bring children to this movie unless you want them to have nightmares.

On a positive note, there were some cutsie parts and fun parts, but the BEST part of this movie by far were the voices! Nicely done, Elijah Wood (9), Jennifer Connelly (7), John C. Riley (5), and Martin Landau (2). But... it still gets a 2.

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