Thursday, September 10, 2009


I know what you're thinking... all I do is watch movies. Well... it's kinda true! It's my favorite thing to do... aside from going to work. :) And sleeping. One thing I am SO bored with is showering!.. don't worry though, I won't stop- because another thing I really like is men!

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising
I've been wanting to watch this youth fantasy movie for awhile. The cinematography was really cool, I really felt "in" the story. It's a movie that younger audiences would like. I really liked the family dynamic, lots of kids is great! And PS I love it when movies make me gasp. I did gasp a lot watching this one.

The Secret Life of Bees
What a moving/touching/well done movie! The acting was great, the story was phenom, I really liked everything about this movie. And I cried. Very touching.

First of all, how great is this poster?! They never make movie posters like this anymore... This movie is cute and funny, I'd never seen the beginning before, and it totally adds to it! Though if someone kidnapped me when I had amnesia, I would punch them. Oh Hollywood!


Britt said...

haha i've seen overboard on cable TV probably 20 times. i love it :)

thinkHP said...

showering totally gets old. I MISS MY MOVIE WATCHING PAL!

Logan and Kara Laszczyk said...

I love Overboard!

John said...

I read Secret Life of Bees and the book was really good. They did a good job with the movie.

I like how you're on this movie kick! Nice!