Monday, September 7, 2009

State of Play

I watched this movie with subtitles on (english language/english subtitles) so that I wouldn't miss any of the words (my apartment has bad acoustics) and I think I maybe should have just blasted the TV instead... I did "hear" everything, but I couldn't see all the facial expressions cause I was too busy reading the subtitles... the point is, I bought the movie so I can watch it again tomorrow without the subtitles if I want. And I may.
Several of you told me I would like this movie, and thank you, I did! It was a well made thriller, but you could tell who the bad guys were because all the important characters who weren't obviously good guys were played by famous actors! And I had a feeling all along that "you know who" was bad too... I loved the cinematography, the production design, and hello, Russell Crowe. Affleck, McAdams, Mirren and that other guy did a great job too. Oh! And Robin Wright Penn, too!

Side-note about the text on screen: They subtitled "Gasps!" like this, and that was awesome. See this movie! I'll even let you borrow my copy. ;)

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thinkHP said...

loved that movie... but yea, could totally tell who the bad guys were