Saturday, September 19, 2009

Irish Fair at Coney Island!

I heard about the 28th annual Great Irish Fair of New York so we had to check it out!

Don't you love our Irish hats? Brenda in her shamrock sombrero and me with my frothing mug of ale! Don't forget to notice my shamrock shades, totally rad.
more fabulous Irish garb- L to R Cary, Brittany, April and Brenda. Feather boas are HUGE among the irish... ;)

I found some very cute jewelry! I got these earrings...
And this beautiful necklace! Loves it.
After hanging out at the fair we headed to the boardwalk at Coney Island! Here I am with Brittany and April. Interesting fact: Coney Island is not an island, but a beach in Brooklyn.

Here we are with the Atlantic Ocean! Cary, April, Brenda, me

Brenda gathered some seashells... check out her stylish new haircut!
The weather couldn't have been more beautiful! What a fun day! :)

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