Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DC Shoes.

Since moving to DC, I have worn several different pairs of shoes.

I moved here in my faux-Uggs. Comfy, familiar, low-maintenance... all in all a good shoe to settle into a new place.
Within a couple weeks though, it became quite clear that I needed a shoe that could get me through a snow storm! Knee high rubber boots were just the ticket.
Before I knew it, I was donning a sturdy pair of work boots. Work boots are perfect, they protect your feet and get you through the mud. But... they're also rigid, and you can't really do anything else with them (except track mud into the house).
Luckily, March brought me a reason to cowboy up! These have by far been my most exciting pair of shoes since living in DC. They've taken me dancing and brought joy to my country loving soul!
But oh the weather has been a changing... Recently I've been sporting a pair of flip flips. Not just any old pair, but a cool pair of brown leather rainbows. They hug my summer toes and make me feel free! Thank you for finally arriving, Spring time!
It is my impression that all anyone really needs is a good pair of shoes.

* * * * *

This post is dedicated to my roommate. Erin, this shoe's for you!

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Britt said...

i want those boots! and i love my rainbows :)