Monday, March 1, 2010

I have a problem...

I never want to leave my car! On my way home from FHE I ended up sitting in my car for 45 minutes listening to Sirius XM'sThey were interviewing James Cameron about Avatar, and it was fascinating. Did you know they spent TWO YEARS working on the camera technology to create that movie before JC ever had an actor in front of him?? They created an entirely new technology (albeit based on two separate technologies that were combined) just for this film! It is astounding.When I ranted and raved about Cinemagic originally I didn't even KNOW that they have interviews! The other night I sat in my car in front of Shoppers (grocery store) listening to Hans Zimmer talk about The Last Samurai for 15 minutes. It was great.So... the next time you can't find me, I'm probably sitting in my car (in the parking lot of my complex) listening to Cinemagic. Feel free to join me, anytime! :)

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