Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Hurt Locker

I saw this movie tonight, and would like to discuss. *semi-spoiler alert*
#1 what does "The Hurt Locker" even mean? The movie ended, and I still didn't know! ... I looked it up- apparently it's a saying for being injured in an explosion- or being sent to a place of ultimate pain. Weird.
#2 A couple times the music bugged me
#3 loved all the cameo's
#4 cinematography was WELL DONE. Very pretty.
#5 Why do I always see war movies? They make me feel uncomfortable.
#6 Do guys really like punching each other for fun?
#7 I think I missed an important scene because at one point two guys have a strange contrived conversation in a car.
#8 I really liked the blond character that wasn't James (whose name I can't remember)
#9 Junior mints improve every movie experience.
#10 I don't think this movie should have won so many awards... I couldn't tell when we reached the middle or any sort of climax in the story... the transition point was more of an anti-climax. So in that respect, the story was not great for me. But I do have to say the acting was really good all around, and it looked really good. And there were several riveting scenes- cohesively though it only landed on the good side of okay for me. (which could possibly be attributed to hype... after all, I was expecting it to be better than Avatar!)


Shelby said...

Listen, you Avatar junkie,

Shelby said...

I think it probably won because of the relevance to the time. I DEFINITELY felt that way when Crash won- which I thought was lamo and totally obvious and forced. Anywho, We rented The Hurt Locker a few months back, and I had never heard of it- dave picked it out at b-buster. I LOVED Jeremy Renner- I thought he was awesome- his carreer should be huge- he deserves it. I also really enjoted the movie. I thought it was interesting and compelling.

Ashley said...

Good point. Yes, the main guy was very good (totally crazy) and the scared guy was also really good.