Friday, April 30, 2010

The Accidental Husband

I was going to give this movie a review, but when I started looking for a production poster to include, I decided I should review them instead! This movie's production posters leave much to be desired.

Number One: Uma falling from sky. Weird. It reminds me of the "Overboard" poster (this movie also reminds me of that movie). Both guys look kinda silly.

Number Two: whose hands are those holding the flowers? Cause their definitely not Colin Firth's or Jeffrey Dean Morgan's... and the picture of Colin Firth is BLURRY.

Number Three: This is by far the best of the three... The movie was cute and fun, a good rental.
My favorite part? Sam Shepard. Sam Shepard always makes me think of Chuck Yeager (who broke the sound barrier). He played him in the movie "The Right Stuff." I like that.Here's a real picture of Sam Shepard WITH Chuck Yeager! You can find anything on the internet. Thank you, Google!


Stephen and Debbie said...

What a random post. Those posters are so weird! They would never catch her if they were both standing where they are...
I currently have no desire to see this movie.

Shelby said...

Sam Sheppard is an amazing playwrite, too! He is always good in everything.