Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ode to Costco

(ah hem...)
Oh blessed Costco, how I love thee.
Thy goodness ranges from chair mats...T-shirts that are bluish green
and Avatar (which I've already seen...)Oh Costco! Thank you much indeed!
(though most of these things, I do not need...)


Britt said...

oh. snap. i think my worst costco impulse buy was a $180 vacuum. oops. SO DANGEROUS TO GO THERE.

Ashley said...

The best part was, when I was driving up there with my friend AC I gave him this long speech about how I'm not the kind of person who succumbs to impulse buys. Riiiight, Ashley, suuuure....

Lindsay Brummer said...

very CUTE :)

Stephen and Debbie said...

Nice finds. All necessary items... I guess.

Courtney and Matt said...

My baby has already been to Costco 3 times with me and he's only 2 months old - yes we go there a lot! And sometimes just for a chocolate/vanilla swirl from the snack bar =)