Saturday, April 24, 2010

Say it isn't so!

In reference to a post I made earlier this week called Girls Just Want to Have Fun, I have something to confess:

My next door neighbors are not from the islands, none are Hawaiian, and none are in an Island band called "Hawaiian Sunrise". I made it up. I thought you would get my joke... but you did not.

Several people have told me how cool it is that my Hawaiian neighbors play us island music while in our hammock. While that would be quite amazing (and ideal) it just isn't so. Who are these guys in this picture, then? you ask? Beats me! Uh... google?
In keeping with obscure movie references (for Shelby), "Hawaiian Sunrise" is about as real as the Flux Capacitor.Time travel just ain't possible... unless of course you're living on the Island from LOST (which most people think is just a television show, but in reality it's a documentary mini-series about actual events!)

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